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The new year is here and with it comes a set of hundreds of new laws for Illinois, with nearly 300 new measures beginning.

Here are 50 of the more notable pieces of legislation you might want to know about.

Child Welfare:

SB 00512: The “Preventing Youth Vaping Act” aims to prevent vaping by children, placing additional restrictions on e-cigarettes, including imposing additional civil and criminal penalties. Law enforcement officers can also seize tobacco products or electronic cigarettes that violate the bill’s prohibition on marketing to children.

 SB 01846: Requires restaurants to serve water, milk, milk alternative or juice with children’s meals as the default beverage, rather than soda.

SB 01892: An amendment to the Code of Corrections will take effect, making possession of child pornography when the child is in a household or a family member of the defendant a non-probational offense that will require jail time in sentencing.

Combatting Discrimination:

SB 00139: Allows a person currently married to request a copy of their marriage license with the term “spouse” rather than any gender-identifying language.

SB 00817: Bans schools from discriminating against student hairstyles associated with racial, ethnic and cultural traditions.

SB 01596: Committing a crime against a person because of their actual or perceived citizenship or immigration status will now be considered a hate crime in the state of Illinois.

HB 01838: Expands the definition of discrimination based on a disability in the Illinois Human Rights Act to include unlawful discrimination against an individual because of the individual’s association with a person with a disability.

HB 03217: Amends numerous state statutes by deleting the use of “Haitian” or “Negro” and instead including terms such as “Black” or “African-American.”

HB 03914: Requires Illinois Central Management Services to take positive action toward addressing systemic racism in the state’s hiring practices.

Consumer Protection:

HB 00122: Ends early termination fees for customers of telephone, cellphone, television, internet, energy, medical alert system or water services who die before the end of their contracts.

HB 03739: Creates the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act to establish timelines and requirements for the removal and replacement of all lead service lines in Illinois.

HB 03955: Provides that automatic renewal offers or continuous service offers online should provide a toll-free number, email or a postal address if the seller directly bills the consumer, or to provide another cost-effective way to cancel the service.

Drug Law Changes:

HB 02589: Expands the use and reimbursement of dispensing opioid antagonists to prevent overdose deaths and improves treatment services for substance use disorders.

HB 03445: A person who seeks medical assistance for an opioid overdose will have immunity from prosecution for possession.


SB 00564: Requires schools to include contributions by Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists and any other collective community of faith that helped shape America in history…

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