Chicago Bears head coach roundtable: The competition

Black Monday (and sometimes Tuesday) is a time and honored NFL tradition. After all, most desperate NFL fanbases are only ever truly satisfied or excited on two days — when a new hire is made and when a deadweight of a bad hire is finally fired.

At the start of their off-season, the Bears are already casting quite the wide net into finding their next head coach. Unfortunately, many other teams (such as Denver, Miami, and the New York football Giants, to name a few) are also jockeying for the position of a new sideline leader. There are a lot of intriguing and qualified candidates, but only so many slots to fill.

In Part 2 of a roundtable today, the WCG staff will diagram where they think the Bears’ job stacks up to others. Seeing as how the competition will likely play a factor into whoever next takes the lead headset for the Bears, it’s only fair.

In case you missed it: Part 1 on the main quality we want in the next head coach.

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Where would you rank the Bears’ job amongst the other openings around the NFL?

Robert Zeglinski: Look, I’m far from a person that believes the Bears deserve any respect as a professional football franchise. They do not. They’ve been far too inept for far too long to merit any benefit of the doubt. But that doesn’t change that they are still the Chicago Bears. Even with their lack of success for almost four decades running, their name carries weight. The coach that takes them over the top is a legend in the sport forever and a household name for the rest of their life. None of the other current jobs can attest to that potential.

George McCaskey and the rest of the Bears’ board (meaning, his family) are, without a doubt, an egregious group of failsons and faildaughters. But that can be said for most NFL owners, including many successful teams. For as idiotic and out of touch as they can be, I don’t buy that this family is a factor in preventing a premium name from taking the podium at Halas Hall.

Throw in a ready-made quarterback to mold like Justin Fields — the hardest part of the job to nail down — and this is the most attractive opening, bar none. Everyone wants to be the person that brings the Chicago Bears back to their former glory. As corny and cliche as it might sound, that distinction matters to type-A football people (which describes everyone).

Erik Duerrwaechter: I would imagine the Bears are towards the top, if not at the very top. The two obvious drawbacks are a relatively tight cap, and the lower number of premium draft picks readily available. Nearly half of the 2021 roster is set for free agency. And they’re without their first-round pick yet again for the third time in four years.

However, those two drawbacks are countered with having an obvious answer at quarterback. There are also a few perks with winning in Chicago that you won’t find elsewhere. If you win big in Chicago, you’re an instant legend. Justin Fields will have plenty of coaches interested, along with some promising pieces on offense and defense. Any good…

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