Horoscopes & love: Star signs ranked in popularity – full list

8. Cancer

In eighth place of Twitter’s most-liked zodiac signs is the extremely devoted Cancer. Almost half of the tweets – 49 percent – were positive and over 29 percent neutral, meaning the majority of people have a strong opinion on this water sign.

20.71 percent of tweets in this study were negative, the second highest out of all 12 signs. 

While this sign is not for everyone, plenty of people appreciate the Cancerians in their lives.

9. Virgo

Most Virgos don’t mind if they’re not the most popular zodiac sign, so people belonging to this zodiac won’t be too offended when they hear they’re only number nine on the most liked zodiac signs on Twitter and only 47.61 percent of the tweets about the sign were positive.

A Virgo’s harshness, critical words, and general fussiness may turn a lot of people away, and this shows with the 15.19 percent negativity and 37.19 percent neutrality when it comes to tweets.

Inbaal wasn’t surprised to see Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo in these positions. 

She commented: “All the Earth signs are bunched together right in the middle, and that’s so Earth. 

“Those signs are dependable, stable and calm, and they don’t care what others think of them.”

10. Gemini

Geminis can often have a bad reputation and can be seen as two-faced if you don’t truly understand the sign. 

With 45 percent of tweets found to be positive on Twitter, it’s fair to say that Geminis can be polarising.

This is bad news for Geminis as they often thrive on being popular and are usually described as being social. 

They have the third highest percentage of negative tweets at over 20 percent; however, many other tweets remained neutral – over 34 percent. 

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