Humans will quickly go blind if we travel to other planets, researchers warn

Humans could end up as blind as bats if we go on real-life Star Trek adventures and live on other planets.

Astronauts increasingly complain they need specs when they return to Earth, experts report.

Researchers have now probed the brain and gravity’s effect on eyesight. And they fear a future human space settlement could be condemned to living with permanent blurry vision.

Scientists looked at Spaceflight-Associated Neuro-Ocular Syndrome (SANS) and compared brain scans before and after space voyages.

They claim the longer astronauts stay in space, the more they moan about fuzzy vision and eyesight problems when they return to Earth.

Blind stick
Scientists have warned of the very real danger of astronauts losing their vision

Mark Rosenberg, from the Medical University of South Carolina, US, said: “It’s gotten to the point where astronauts actually carry extra pairs of glasses when they go into space.

“They know their vision is going to be deteriorating up there, and they’ve even started calling them ‘space anticipation glasses’.”

An ex- NASA chief has previously said that Mars could be made habitable for humans by installing a magnetic forcefield around the red planet.

Mars is the most plausible candidate to be made habitable out of all the planets in the solar system, according to Dr Jim Green.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk said his SpaceX could take passengers to Mars within ten years

Making humans a ‘multi-planetary’ species by moving to Mars has long been a key ambition of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

When pressed by podcast host Lex Fridman on how long it will take SpaceX to land a human on Mars, Musk finally offered something in the way of a timeline.

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After a long awkward pause of over twenty seconds, Musk replied: “Hmm… best case is about five years, worst case is ten years.”

Musk’s company will embark on several vital missions this year, as it plans to fly a Starship spacecraft into orbit for the first time – hopefully in March.

If everything goes to plan, then the craft will go into orbit for a brief time, before splashing down into the Pacific Ocean.

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