My Family Trip Home In SWISS 777-300ER Business Class

We’re back in Los Angeles after a lovely trip in SWISS business class…for me at least. My wife had a different reaction to the flight.

Family Trip In SWISS Business Class, ZRH-LAX

While the thought of flying home in Lufthansa First Class to “right my wrong” on the way did cross my mind, we decided a better expenditure was to fly home nonstop in SWISS business.

When it comes to award travel, I can almost always accurately gauge whether award space will open up on a particular flight. Our return date was flexible, but I took a look at flight loads (just fare buckets, not actual loads) and decided that nonstop space in SWISS business would open on Thursday. 

Sure enough, on Tuesday business class seats opened for Thursday’s flight…two of them. I grabbed them immediately, booking my wife, son, and daughter (a lap infant) on one ticket. 70K Aeroplan miles for my wife and son and 2.5K miles for my daughter.

Would a last seat open for me or I would be flying home in economy class? I really wasn’t worried. I went to bed on Tuesday night fully expecting the space to be open when I woke up, and it was. We were all confirmed.

As I mentioned in my snow day post, it took two weeks for the snow to come, but boy did it snow as we made the drive to Zurich for our flight.

It was snowing so beautifully by the time we reached the airport, but I had no time to get out and snap pictures because the snow had slowed our drive down…and we had a ton of luggage. Literally.

My industrious wife Heidi goes to thrift shops in Germany and purchases sets of dishes at bargain prices. These dishes are hardly extraordinary in Germany, but she utilizes our enhanced baggage allowance to bring them home and sell them at a very nice profit to Angelenos who appreciate European crockery. I’m so proud of her. A side hustle to nursing. 

But I don’t exactly delight in the fact that we travel to Europe with hand baggage only and come home with seven checked bags (not an exaggeration).

Anyway, once we got everything checked in, the snow had stopped and we had virtually no time for the lounge. We stopped briefly at the A Gates Senator Lounge to get bananas for the kids and use the restroom, before proceeding to our flight.

Not our line, thankfully.

SWISS and seat assignments…this will be the subject of a separate post. In short, you cannot pre-assign seats with an infant ticket, so while I assigned the only window seat left on my separate ticket, the rest of my family was in limbo. At check-in, they were assigned a middle section several rows forward of me. The agent said there were no more open seats and indeed, the cabin went out full.

Almost full.

Miraculously, the seat next to me stayed at empty, so Augustine was able to take my window seat and I sat next to him. Since Augustine sat with me, Claire Marie had her own seat (for sleeping at least). In the end, it worked out splendidly, but it is annoying that seats cannot be assigned in advance, at least according to the reservation agent (I spent over one hour on hold…racking up a $21 T-Mobile bill…to reach SWISS).

Our seating positions meant Heidi and I had different flight…

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