Save £1,500 in 2022 with our astrological savings challenge

Don’t let the stars tell you what to do, but think of them as prompts to make healthy habits part of your everyday life (Picture: Getty)

Astrology and finance rarely go together, with the former concerned with the stars and the latter on cold hard numbers.

However, studies show the best way to save money is to make it a habit, and building this into your everyday routine (like checking your horoscope in the morning) can turn you from frivolous spender to successful saver.

Willpower is great for keeping you on track, but most people need a nudge to help them put away cash, whether that’s an automated service to reduce the ‘pain of paying’ or a savings calendar that tells you what to save and when.

In that sense, there’s a way to make the wildly different fields of astrology and money more natural bedfellows – timing your deposits to match up with the zodiac.

We’ve created a savings challenge to make reading your daily horoscope work for you, with suggested amounts to put away depending on the positioning of celestial bodies. If you stick to it religiously, you could end 2022 £1,500 richer.

There’s no obligation to save these specific amounts (as not everyone’s income and situation will allow for this) nor is it a technique based on chance or interpretation. Instead, think of it as an almanac that promotes good saving habits alongside a little stargazing.

If you’d like to get involved, here’s what to do:

Pop these dates into your calendar and deposit the amount when the stars align (Picture:

Astrology savings planner for 2022

To let the stars guide your savings, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most significant events in the astrological calendar.

For each one, put away the amount suggested if you can, or choose amounts that suit your income.

It’s best to input these dates into your calendar where possible. This will save you needing to check and help you ‘automate’ the process, taking away your requirement to remember with visual reminders.

Think about printing off the above calendar, too, and sticking it on your fridge or somewhere you’ll regularly be reminded of your savings goals.

Where you choose to put the money – whether it’s into a bank account, a physical cash jar, or into your investments – is totally up to you.

As well as saving £1,500 by the end of the year, you’ll be staying up-to-date with your celestial comings and goings.

Below are the dates and amounts, with some descriptions of the events themselves and how they affect you.

Mercury retrograde: £50 each

Mercury retrograde is when the planet appears to be going backwards in relation to the sun, which it normally orbits every 88 days.

As the planet that governs travel, communication, and technology, astrologers believe that when it’s in retrograde mercury has a tendency to scupper plans and put logic and organisation into spin.

Rather than letting it get you down, use this time to take control of your finances, putting away £50 each time a mercury retrograde begins. There are four in 2022:

  • January 14
  • May 10
  • September 9
  • December 29

Lunar New Year: £200

The Lunar New Year is sometimes referred to as…

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Save £1,500 in 2022 with our astrological savings challenge

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