Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Biden vaccine mandates: LIVE UPDATES

Arguments wrap at SCOTUS on vaccine mandates.

From Fox News’ William Mears: Arguments have wrapped after a total of about three hours, 40 minutes for both cases. 

There is no indication from the bench how quickly orders from the court will be issued, or when or whether fuller written opinions explaining the court’s reasoning will be issued.

Given the fact some of these mandates go into effect beginning next week, or in coming weeks, the justices could issue some kind of order as soon as today or this weekend. 

Liberal justices continue to defend feds’ power to impose mandates

The liberal justices on the court have continued to defend the federal government’s ability to impose the vaccine mandates on workers, but this time in the context of healthcare.

Justice Kagan said labor disruptions must be weighed against people not showing up at hospitals because they are afraid of getting COVID-19.

“And so they’re not coming for their mammograms and they’re not coming for their colonoscopy and so forth,” she said. “So [the secretary] has to balance all those health benefits against what you say are these labor disruptions…Should It be that we decide, you know, as against what the secretary has decided in performing his important function of evaluating these potential disruptions and and weighing those disruptions against the health benefits that he sees in that rule?”

Gorsuch appears to view mandate as controlling employment of health care workers

Justice Gorsuch asked a series of questions to Fletcher about the impact of the vaccine mandates and how it can be viewed potentially as controlling the employment of healthcare workers — which is not allowed by the law.

“This regulation affects, we’re told, 10 million health care workers and will cost over a billion dollars for employers to comply with,” he said. “So what’s your reaction to that why isn’t this a regulation that effectively controls the employment and tenure of health care workers at hospitals? An issue Congress said the agency didn’t have the authority that that should be left to the states to regulate.”

Fletcher said the government reads the relevant statute as saying that the secretary cannot dictate particular hiring decisions: “That’s what control and supervision means.”

Court hears arguments on vaccine mandates for healthcare facilities receiving federal funding

The court is now hearing arguments on CMS rules for vaccine mandates for healthcare facilities receiving Medicaid/Medicare funding.

Some Court watchers think the administration may have a better case for being able to enforce the rules in this case, since receiving funding is already contingent on a variety of other federal regulations imposed on the facilities and private home health care workers. 

Brian Fletcher, Principal Deputy Solicitor General is now arguing for the Biden administration.

Oral arguments have ended on OSHA vaccine mandate

The oral arguments have now ended on the OSHA vaccine mandates.

Stay tuned to Fox News and for the latest news on the Supreme Court and the vaccinate mandate.

Barrett asks how long OSHA intends to use emergency powers

Justice Barrett asks the government how long OSHA intends to use…

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